What’s Happening

If you know of any happenings, please contact Connie Morris
519-379-3974    conmorris55@gmail.com

Sunday, December 14
Third Sunday of Advent
Joint Worship - The Music of Christmas
10:30 Sarawak UC

Thursday, December 18
Family Music Program
10:00 Kemble UC
Last day for the year....resumes January 8

Sunday, December 21
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Joint Worship with the Children
10:00 Kemble UC
White Gift Donations to OSHaRE

Thursday December 24
Family Christmas Eve at Kemble
7:00 pm Kemble UC

Sunday, December 28
Joint Worship - Potluck Worship and Lunch
10:30 Sarawak UC
Bring your favourite prayer, song, story, blessing, Christmas gift....whatever you want to share at worship.  The theme is "in between" - the time between Christmas and New Years - between Christmas and Epiphany - What do we do in the in-between times in our lives?  If you are planning to contribute to worship, contact Kathy Underwood (kathyunderwood@bell.net or 519-376-7237)  Bring along your Christmas leftovers and we'll share them for lunch together!

Sunday, January 4
The Sacrament of Communion
Officiants: Rev. Margaret Collard and Kathy Underwood
Joint Worship  10:30 Sarawak UC
1:00 Zion-Keppel UC


Friday, December 12 7:00pm; Sat. Dec. 13 2:00pm; Sun. Dec. 14 2:00pm
Sandcastle Theatre presents "Beauty and the Beast"
St. George's Hall, 1049 4th Ave. E
Adults $10 Students/Seniors $8 Children under 12 $5

Saturday, December 13
In Bethlehem Inn
A dinner theatre presented by the Christian Development Ministry of GSUC.
Join us at the Bethlehem Inn on the night Jesus was born.  Old fashioned bowls of stew, dipping bread and apple crisp.
5:30pm Georgian Shores United Church
Donations received at the door.  RESERVATIONS 519-376-3890

***please check our "What's Happening" page for more details on these events

Coming up ...

Third Sunday of Advent
 December 14, 2014

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 

Luke 1:46b-55

1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

John 1:6-8, 19-28


December 14

Third Sunday of Advent
Joint Worship - The Music of Christmas
10:30 Sarawak UC

All Welcome!

We are a Pastoral Charge
in Transition
please hang in with us .......


The Amalgation  Oversight Working Group has been meeting almost weekly.  Here are  highlights of the congregations' work:

Approximately 31 suggestions were received for naming our new amalgamated congregation. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate throughout this process which will happen over the next month or so.    Rev. Neil is going to guide us through this process during worship and other church activities over the next month.  We hope to have a new name chosen early in the New Year.

Joint Worship Services will take place for the winter: January and March at Sarawak and February and April at Kemble  (Kemble Stewards are constructing a ramp to ensure accessibility for all to the basement room at Kemble, where we will worship).  The Music Directors from Kemble and Sarawak are planning together for Joint Worship

Real Estate Sub Group are gathering preliminary information to allow us to make thoughtful, conscientious decisions towards the amalgamated congregation's place of worship and fellowship.

Joint Elders have been making arrangements to store the historical rolls from the churches and have ordered a book which will combine records of marriage, funeral and baptisms.

Joint Elders, in collaboration with Stewards and Trustees, are preparing an inventory of personal assets (all things not attached to floors, walls and ceilings) in Kemble and Sarawak Church Buildings.  Three categories are Memorial Gifts,Items used in Worship,Other - office/kitchen items.  The inventory will be completed by March 31 after which they will be making recommendations to AWOG and the Official Board.

After the Annual General Meetings in the new year, the financial records of Sarawak and Kemble will be closed.  Assets will be amalgamated  and a new set of financial records will be started in the name of the new congregation.

Your Ministry and Personnel Committee are working hard to obtain Interim Minister for Jan. 2015-June 2016.  A major part of the job description includes guiding us through the process for drafting Ministry and Mission Profile and vision and values statement..

Fred Parsons has agreed to be the Trustee Representative on our Committee

Questions about our Amalgamation Journey?
Contact Official Board Co-chairs John Beckett and/or Don Daley, AOWG Chair Connie Morris or other AWOG  members