What’s Happening

Monday, April 20 - Saturday, April 26
Rev. Joanne will be on study leave
If you need to contact her, use email (minister@kembleunitedchurches.ca) or contact Bob Gray, Linda Fischer or Marianne Williams
Day Time Study Group and Family Music Program are cancelled this coming week

Tuesday, April 22
Prayer Shawl Group
10:00 am Kemble UC

Sunday, April 27
Worship with guest preacher, Margaret Collard
10:00 am Kemble UC

Sunday, April 27
Worship with guest preacher, Margaret Collard
Sacrament of Baptism
11:15 am Sarawakk UC

Sunday, April 27
Kemble UC Potluck Dinner and Discussion on Amalgamation

Tuesday, April 29
Joint Elders Meeting
7:00 pm at Sarawak UC office
Please let Joanne know if you are unable to attend

Wednesday, April 30
Daytime Study Group
1:30 pm Sarawak UC in the office

Friday, May 2
Family Music Program 
10:00 am Kemble UC
**Note change of days, from Thursday to Friday!

Sunday, May 4
Sarawak UC Discussion on Amalgamation
following worship at 11:15


Friday, April 18
"Journey Through Jerusalem"
7:00 - 8:30 pm at Walter's Falls UC Shed
Living outdoor Passion Presentation running every 20 minutes
More information call Lorie 519-538-5582

Sunday, April 27
Wiarton and District Concert Choir 
Spring Concert "Feel the Spirit"
see What's Happening page for details

Saturday, May 3
Shallow Lake UC Roast Beef Dinner
4:30 pm or 6:00 pm
see What's Happening page for details

Saturday, May 3
Georgian Bay Concert Choir "Of Light and Life"
see What's Happening page for details

Paisley Concert Choir
"Ode to Spring" 
Friday May 23 in Hanover; Saturday, May 24 in Owen Sound; Sunday May 25 in Paisley
see What's Happening page for details

(please check our "What's Happening" page for more details on these events)

Anticipating Alleluias

You have seen the Easter chocolate on the store shelves for some weeks now, and Easter cards and decorations too.  Stuffed bunnies and lambs and that annoying basket-filling made with plastic are everywhere, it seems.  Our Family Music Program has already had an 'Easterish' celebration with lots of bunny songs and treats.  There is much to anticipate for Easter Sunday with that special bunny's arrival.  
Unlike the secular Christmas celebrations that often include a nativity scene, at least, there are few chocolate crosses to be seen in the stores.  Empty-tomb scenes with roll-away stones, empty grave cloths and angels aren't exactly flying off the shelves (in fact I've never seen one, although it seems like a good idea!).  The Easter story, the culmination of the hope-born-to-the-world that begins at Christmas, seems a harder thing to market, or perhaps it is just more difficult to exploit.

And perhaps that is a good thing.

Our Easter story does not include the sweetness of a new babe surrounded by doting parents and friendly animals.  Singing angels are absent, as are the simple yet awed shepherds.  There is no special star in the sky to herald the events that lead to Easter morning.  

Instead our Easter story includes betrayal and torture and abuse and death.  There is weeping and fear and uncertainty in the characters we meet, until it all changes at the empty tomb and beyond.

To truly celebrate the Easter story of life and light (that began with a birth) there is a need to follow Jesus through all the horrible events of Holy Week.  To acknowledge, perhaps, the 'horribleness' that we may encounter in our own lives or in our world, and yet continue to believe that God is with us, that violence, injustice and death are not the last words for us. 

It is the ultimate expression of that saying: "Never place a period where God has placed a comma." (attributed to the late actress and comedienne Gracie Allen)

And so as Christians we anticipate the alleluias of celebration, of life renewed and reborn, of resurrection.  In our belief that we will find the tomb always empty, and as we look forward  to rejoicing and singing, we find our hope, our faith, our strength.  

An empty tomb may be harder to "sell" than a manger full of newborn baby, but it is that image that can cement our faith.

So let us anticipate all the alleluias we can - through the not-warm-and-fuzzy events of Holy week, through the pain in our lives and in the world, through the baskets of bunnies and chocolates.  

This Sunday we will declare as a community:
"Christ is risen, Christ is risen indeed"


Rev Joanne Hedge

(email Joanne at  
some previous musings on the 'Our Ministries' page

Thursday, April 17
Service of Communion and "Washing" at Zion-Keppel UC 7:00 pm
We will, as Jesus' disciples did that last evening together before his death, share bread and wine, and experience what it can be like to be served by one another

Good Friday 
Friday, April 18 
Service of Symbols and Readings at Sarawak UC 10:00 am

Easter Sunday 
Sunday, April 20 
Easter Sunrise Service at Big Bay Dock 7:30 am
Breakfast at Kemble UC following service 

Easter Sunday Celebrations at Sarawak UC 11:15 am
Reflection: Recognizing the Risen One

Zion-Keppel community is planning to support 
Clavering United Church's final church service 
on Easter Sunday at 10:30