What’s Happening

Sunday, July 27
Fifth Summerlite Worship 
Guest Preacher: Rev. Major Neil Parker
10:00 am Zion-Keppel UC
July 19 to August 19
Rev. Joanne is on vacation. 
Contact Bob Gray, Marianne Williams or Lynda Fischer if you need any assistance and they will contact Rev. Joanne

Monday, July 28
Funeral for Ruth Beacock
11:00am St. John's United Church, Wiarton 
Tuesday, July 29
Loose Gardeners Return!
7:00 pm  Glen On Air Farm

Donna Claire McLeod has volunteered to host a Loose Gardens get together at her home.

Any gardeners, men or women, are welcome to join the group, and if you would like to join us, please rsvp to Donna Claire at 519-371-7667 or tantramar@xplornet.ca

The host cares for the garden and we all bring "goodies" to share. You may bring wine or a cool drink if you like but we will make coffee and tea too.

If you would like to volunteer your garden for a Loose Gardeners meeting later in the summer or fall please let Marianne know: 519-534-2087 or schoolhouselady@gmail.com

We may have to start a list to be continued into next summer!

The gardens are spectacular this summer. Let's enjoy them together.


***please check our "What's Happening" page for more details on these events

Minister's Message will return!

Joanne is away on holiday until August 19.
Her messages will return that week!

(email Joanne at  
some previous musings on the 'Our Ministries' page

Join us for our annual
SummerLite Worship Services
All services at 10:00 am         
July 27, August 3
Zion-Keppel United Church
Guest Preacher: Rev. Major Neil Parker

August 10, August 17
Sarawak United Church
Guest Preacher: Rev. Theresa Burnett-Cole
August 24, August 31
Sarawak United Church
Rev. Joanne will be preaching


"Crazy Scientists - Discovering God”

Summer Church Day Camp on July 17

Thanks to Dana Cruickshank, Rayleen DeJong, Helen Harrison, Kerolyn Moran, Sabine Roberts, Joanne Beckett, Sarah Mooney, Rev. Joanne and Stephanie Hedge for a wonderful fun full day of experiments and explosions with nine children from our community and beyond!

Results of our June 1 Votes!

Kemble United Church has voted to amalgamate
Sarawak United Church has voted to amalgamate

Zion-Keppel United Church will vote on September 7