What’s Happening

Sunday, September 28

Worship Service with Sacrament of Baptism

10:00 Kemble UC

Worship Service

11:15 Sarawak UC

Wednesday, October 1


Kemble UCW Potluck Dinner
about 6:00pm Kemble UC
A special invitation to the ladies from Sarawak and Zion to join the Kemble ladies for an evening together.  Contact Wanda Dailey or Cory McQuigge for more information.      
Thursday, October 2
Family Music Program 
10:00 Kemble UC
All are Welcome!!  There will be a "Goodbye Party" after class!

Thursday, October 2
Amalgamation Oversight Working Group
7:00pm  location TBA
Friday, October 3
Joint Elders Meeting
1:00 Sarawak UC in the office
Friday, October 3
Kemble UC Talent Auction Fundraiser
Arrive at 6:00pm to enjoy dessert and view all the 'talents'
Auction begins at 7:00pm with the "Good 'ol Boys" John Beckett and Richard Pipe as auctioneers!

Sunday, October 5
Joint Worship and Luncheon 
10:30 Sarawak UC
Rev. Joanne's last service in the Charge
Bring a lawn chair, if weather permits, to worship outside
Kemble - sandwiches/finger foods, Sarawak - dessert, Zion - veggies/pickles
Thursday, October 9
Official Board
7:00pm at Kemble UC
Sunday, October 12
Joint Worship
Thanksgiving Celebrations
10:30  Sarawak UC
Collection of Food for OSHaRE
 Sunday, October 19
Worship Services with Rev. Major Neil Parker
10:00 Kemble UC, 11:15 Sarawak UC, 1:00 Zion UC
Friday, October 17
Kemble Women's Institute Crokinole Party
7:00 Kemble UC
$10 per player.  Cheque payable to Kemble Women's Institute dropped off to mailbox of Cory McQuadde or Edith Galloway by Thanksgiving Weekend
Bernie Range will once again ensure a competitive and fun evening!

Saturday, October 18
Kemble Harvest Blowout
all day

***please check our "What's Happening" page for more details on these events

More Top 10 lists ...

With the busyness of the 'big move' last weekend, I did not get back to the website to share my next 'top ten', so this is a "double double" offering!

Joanne's top 10 list of highlights as the minister in your midst:

10. Sharing with you in joy: baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries and special shared meals. 

9.  Sharing with you in sorrow/worry:  funerals and hospital visits, coffees and conversations.

8.  Making music with you in many ways, especially joining in with Vi and Glen at Zion-Keppel Christmas dinners and with Stan Beckett at Kemble Lions Christmas dinners.

7.  The gift of a one-of-a-kind stole at our Covenanting service.

6.  Reading your prayers when we have shared them on paper in worship.

5.  Helping to decorate the Sarawak Christmas tree and the Kemble church.

4.  Holding your children and grandchildren, and sometimes holding each other's hands.

3.  Teaching you the Easter dance!  And dancing with you!
2.  Watching you come together as a faith family in times of celebration and support, whether that was at funerals or to help move households or to worship with each other.

1.   Getting to know each and every one one of you.

And the next top ten list:

Joanne's top ten list of 'firsts' as your minister:
10. Needing to brake for wild turkeys (on the drive to Zion)

9.  Stopping for cows (on the way to Sarawak)

8.  Labyrinth walking outdoors by candlelight
7.  Church bonfire in December

6.  Hearing country fiddle music in worship

5.  Presiding at a wedding after being licensed by the province

4.  Presiding at a baptism
3.  Preparing a funeral for someone I knew and cared for

2.  Covenanting with a Pastoral Charge

1.  Experience as an Ordained Minister in the United Church

I write with a heart full of gratitude for the gift all of you have been to me,
and thank God for calling me to minister with you.


(email Joanne at  
some previous musings on the 'Our Ministries' page


Sunday, October 5
Joint Service and Pot Luck Luncheon
 Sarawak at 10:30
It will be Rev. Joanne's last service with us
Bring a lawn chair, if weather co-operates, for outdoor worship
Kemble -sandwiches/finger foods, Sarawak -dessert, Zion -veggies/pickles
Official Board acknowledged that we will become a two point charge, as a result of Zion's vote.